Welcome to DWN!

DWN (Digital Wireless Network) is the largest service provider of visual content in Pakistan, owned and operated by Southern Networks Limited, providing a host of digital satellite channels to its subscribers, without any kind of breaks and interruptions. Our state of the art wireless broadcasting system transmits your favourite TV programmes in crystal clear digital quality. In addition to high resolution picture, DWN gives you digital stereo sound too, so that enjoying music and movies becomes whole new experience. Our transmission services are available in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad/Rawalpindi (and their suburbs).

System Features
  • TV Channels
    DWN is providing up to 100 TV Channels including HD covering Entertainment (Urdu & English), Music, Sports, News (Urdu & English), Kids, Islamic, Documentaries, Infotainment, Food & Health. Additional channels may be added.
  • Digital Picture
    DWN provides crystal clear digital quality, which means that the picture is clear with no interference at all.
  • Digital Stereo Sound
    DWN provides digital stereo sound with no interruptions, while maintaining the same quality level on each channel.
  • USB Recording
    Record your favourite TV shows, musical performance or sporting event on USB/Memory Stick and enjoy it over and over again, as many times as you like.
  • Parental Lock
    One of the most important features that DWN provides is the Parental Lock option which means that user can restrict his/her child from watching a particular channel simply by entering a four-digit code.
  • Favourite Channel List
    Enabling this feature gives you the option of creating and saving your own list of favourite channels that you regularly view.
  • Radio Channels
    DWN also provides live radio transmission so that you can listen to popular radio channels in great sound quality.
  • Games
    DWN provides some useful games for the entire family in set-top boxes so that everybody in the household can have some fun.
  • Electronic Program guide (EPG)
    Now see the list of programs, movies, dramas coming up next throughout the month with the Feature of EPG.
  • Scratch Card Payment System
    You don’t have to worry about the subscription now. Just go to your nearest store and get the scratch card ranging from Rs. 250 to Rs. 2500. For nearest stores please see dealers list on the website. See scratch card for format of the text.
  • Pay Later and Balance check service
    Now you can get 3 days credit just on 1 text message.
    Just write “Pl Smartcard# “and send it to your respective location numbers.
    To check your Balances
    Just write “Bl Smartcard# “and send it to your respective location numbers.
    Location Numbers: Islamabad 0336-0396396, Lahore 0336-2396396, Karachi 0336-3396396